Where’s Kristen?

This week Kristen was spotted twice in Berlin, Germany.

She was seen on the set of Sils Maria on Monday (August 26th)


Back in July while at the Chanel Fall fashion show, Kristen spoke about the movie saying:

“I play a personal assistant to an actress. It takes two very particular people to have that relationship be functional — one that services the other — because Juliette Binoche is playing the actress that I assist, and she is one of the most powerful women I think I’ve ever seen in film,”


The films written and directed by Olivier Assayas (Paris, je t’aime 2006 and Summer Hours 2008)

Also in it are: 

Chloë Grace Moretz – 500 Days of Summer 2009 and Hugo 2001

Daniel Brühl – Inglourious Basterds 2009 and Good Bye Lenin! 2003

Juliette Binoche – The English Patient 1996 and Hidden (Caché) 2005

Tom Sturridge – The Boat That Rocked 2009 and On the Road 2012  (With Kristen)

Brady Corbet – Melancholia 2011 and Thirteen 2003  (With Nikki Reed)

Bruno Ganz – Downfall 2004 and Wings of Desire 1987

Johnny Flynn – Something in the Air 2012 and Lotus Eaters 2013

Hanns Zischler – Munich 2005 and Ripley’s Game 2002

Angela Winkler – The Tin Drum 1979 and Three 2010

Gilles Tschudi – Cargo 2009 and Romeos 2011

Aljoscha Stadelmann – Freiland 2013 and The Coming Days 2010


She was then seen again today (August 28th) with friends on a day off.

She wore a seamed cuff shirt, skinny jeans and Chuck Taylor Lace Converse.


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