Dior Rob teaser video

To got with the newest article, we have a Dior Rob teaser video!

Hedi Xandt posted it, saying:

As an excluse preview of the upcoming DIOR HOMME perfume campaign featuring Robert Pattinson shot by Nan Goldin, I created a teaser video for TUSH Online. It is composed of small slides housed in a custom built camera, live-filmed in a New York street. In post-production, I added hand-drawn titles that served as a divider between the images.

Read a german-language article on TUSH Online.

The TushOnline article (translated from Google Translate)

Nan Goldin holds moments for eternity. Her photographs are timeless documents as authentic and real that you think about it twice, whether they come from a campaign or a report. They show the real – the real life. No posing scenes, not posturing. At the heart of the only man – in his private environment, his intimate life. So true and so real that you almost have to trim already. There is hardly a photographer who can capture the moment as intensely as Nan Goldin. No wonder then that she was hired by Dior to shoot the new campaign for the Dior Homme fragrance. Front of her camera: Robert Pattinson.

Nan Goldin photographed Robert Pattinson 

Robert Pattinson, who has long lost his vampire teeth, now the Dior man embodied in all of its facets, directed by Goldin. Each photo of the Series focuses nonetheless on a nuance of the scent as well as the versatility of the man. There is on one side the romantic lover, all the women are at your feet. He smells of iris and lavender. On the other hand, leather, woody notes reflect a pure, almost austere masculinity. If you look more closely and smell, finds a mysterious, deep vein of amber and spices. The Dior man commits himself, not like he wants to be everything at once and to surprise with his ideas and zest. Pattinson surprised us just as positive as the perfume itself.

The faces of a man 

He embodies the stylish free spirit of the great male role models, such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today – the motto of the campaign. It is a life without constraints and conventions, captured in expressive photographs of timeless beauty. Sometimes not sufficient to consider only the people of one side. There’s many faces that make people and life is so interesting. these are often so unexpected and really like a photo of the very great Nan Goldin.

We were inspired by the cooperation and transformed some exclusive pictures for you in an atmospheric clip – let it intoxicate you!


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