New Dior Tweets + pic

Another Rob Dior pic has had released for us to add to our collection, Dior tweeted it saying…


DiorRob-4 (1)


Two people who have already seen the ad Tweeted…




“That’s it, I saw the Dior Homme Film pub with Robert Pattinson. Damn hot! Sorry girls, will have to wait until 1 September”




@ VirginieFemmeAc You say ‘Film’, we will be entitled to one short 5min as was the case for Dior pub with Jude Law? Thank you”

@ Pattinson_AW There is a TV classic and a much longer format for the internet and cinema spot format. Very successful!”



“We have to wait! Can you tell us more about it? Thanks :)”
“Unfortunately it is embargoed! You will see the TV spot is stunning but the movie for internet (very long) is great! And we feel that Rob had fun shooting this commercial”



@ VirginieFemmeAc You put us mouth water, lol … It is too much to ask some details please?”

@ Audrey_Frenchi sorry but there is an embargo. I can just tell you that if you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson, you will not be disappointed”



@ VirginieFemmeAc you like the movie pub Dior?”

@ support_rob27 Carrément yes! And by the way the fragrance embodies Robert Pattinson as it is exquisite …”



@ VirginieFemmeAc And your magazine will it have an exclusive interview with the actor about his new status as a muse? Thank you :)”

@ Pattinson_AW Unfortunately not”






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