Where’s Rob?


According to The fashion court Rob wore a navy cashmere crewneck Dior Homme sweater, retailed at $1,150 (buy here), Balenciaga black low-sport mesh sneakers and a black cord A Cut Above logo snapback.



Also in new party news people wrote

Of the roughly 100 guests, the famous faces included Heather Graham, Ellen Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Sarah Roehmer and Emilie de Ravin, a source tells PEOPLE.

Altlhough Pattinson is rumored not to be living at this home anyone longer, the bash took place outside his 1920s Spanish style house on beautifully landscaped grounds that include an amphitheater and pool.

Notably missing was Pattinson’s former live-in girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. While a source says that the actor is “definitely over her,” Pattinson “had plenty of women around him but he didn’t seem interested in anyone in particular.” Instead, he was more focused on his host duties and spending time with friends, says the source.

Drinks flowed from an open bar and a martini bar that featured two speciality drinks made with kombucha, juices and fresh fruit. On the menu was Mexican food with tacos, rice, beans and guacamole catered by a local restaurant. For dessert, Carvel ice cream cake was served.

And there were two surprising well-known guests in attendance: E L James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey – who recently revealed Sam Taylor-Johnson would be directing the movie version – reaffirming speculation that Pattinson is in the running for coveted role of Christian Grey in the upcoming adaptation of the best-selling series.

And even Warren Beatty made an appearance at the event – arriving solo at 1 a.m. and leaving a couple hours later.



On June 22nd Rob threw a ‘Jay Gatsby style’ party for directer Nick Jarecki’s 34th birthday. He was spotted earlier that day, getting out of his car.

He was wearing a grey jumper, his ABOVE cap and sunglasses.


Todd Michael Schultz told HollywoodLife.com about the party…

“It was a really good party. t was in Rob’s backyard — he had catered tacos. Dianne Warren, the songwriter, was there. Warren Beatty was there chilling. Lisa Zane sang a few songs. It was all smart people — trust me, the best people, from beginning to end.”

“I got home at 3 or 4 a.m. The party was just dwindling when I left.”

…he also Tweeted











Other people who were there tweeted…





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