First poster for Rob’s Maps To The Stars

Christoph Greuet Tweeted us our first look at the Maps to the stars Cannes promo poster! He tweeted (translated from French)

First visual ‘maps to the stars’, the new # # Cronenberg starring Robert Pattinson and @ MiaWasikowskaOk.”

Click here for a look at the poster without the words


The movie is a complex look at Hollywood and what it reveals about Western culture, filming is set to start in July

According to IMDB the cast list includes Sarah Gadon (as Clarice) who has worked with David before in A Dangerous Method, both Rob and David in Cosmopolis and with David’s son, Brandon Cronenberg in Antiviral. The rest of the cast are

John Cusack   –  Sanford

Rob   –  Jerome

Julianne Moore   –   Havana

Evan Bird  –   Benjie

Mia Wasikowska

Olivia Williams

Click here to read everything we know so far

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