More info on Rob’s ‘Queen of the desert’

Queen of the desert co-producer; Division Films tweeted that filming will be in Morocco. And other co-producer Cassian Elwes tweeted that they found Jude Law’s replacement.

Director/screen writter Werner Herzog briefly mentioned Rob and the movie during a interview with Zeit Online, saying

How do you assess the creative power of the teen star Robert Pattinson, who you will be working with soon? 

“This is a very intelligent man. Writes well. Knows exactly what he’s doing. He also knows that he must be out of this short-lived type of role of Teen Stars.”

What can you say about your current project, the film adaptation of the life of an archaeologist and undercover agent Gertrude Bell?

I talk about it only when it is filmed.

Read the rest of the interview here


Filming is set to start in September, click here for everything we aleady know

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