new BDp1 extended dvd news gives us a bit more info on what will be in the extended bdp1 dvd.

They said

Theatrical Version: 0:00 minutes
The Theatrical Version begins with the summit-logo, followed by the “Breaking Dawn” title card. These sequences are different from the Extended Cut in both color and design. During the following tracking shot of Jacob’s house, the background was slightly changed.
35.9 sec

Extended Cut: 0:08 minutes
After the Summit-logo follows the first additional scene. Valentine walks along the halway of the Volturi, holding Edward’s and Bella’s wedding invitation. Aro stands up to take the letter from her. He opens it happily and says something about love in Italian before loudly declaring Edward’s and Bella’s wedding. Caius says, that it is the Cullens’ style to declare Bella’s transformation and that they mock the Volturi via the delays. Aro asks them to be patient, gives the envelope to Valentina and tells his servants that the human disturbed them. While the Volturi leave the room, the two servants take care of Valentina. The camera zooms away and in the corner of the room we can see a pile of dead people. After a trackin shot we see the “Breaking Dawn”-title card, followed by the tracking shot of Jacob’s house.
138.5 sec

Extended Cut: 6:30 minutes
We see some scenes from “Bride of Frankenstein” in the cinema. Edward sits down on his hat and then leaves the room. The rest of the audience is frightened at a sene of the movie.
12.8 sec

Extended Cut: 46:54 minutes
Edward makes breakfast for Bella. She enters the room, they kiss and Bella says that the food smells great and that she’s quite hungry. He asks her how many eggs she ate there. Bella responds that it is due to the island and that she will probably become fat. Then they talk about the upcoming transformation and that Bella – not realizing how good it is to be human – might want to wait (of course in relation to having sex with Edward). They kiss again and then we see housekeepers’ boat approaching.
108.8 sec

Theatrical Version: 57:21 minutes / Extended Cut: 1:01:11 minutes
Only in the Theatrical Version we see a shot of Alice and Jasper. The following shot with Jacob is also exclusively shown in the Theatrical Version.
3.6 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:09:51 minutes / Extended Cut: 1:13:36 minutes
Additional shot in the Theatrical Version which shows Jacob and Edward watching over Bella while she sleeps.
2.7 sec

Extended Cut: 1:13:44 minutes (2.8 sec)/ Theatrical Version: 1:10:01 minutes (1.6 sec)
Alternative and longer shot of Emmet at the window.
+1.2 sec

Extended Cut: 1:13:46 minutes
In the Extended Cut, Jacob now enters the room, while in the Theatrical Version he already sits next to Bella and Edward. This is the reason to why the previous scenes were either cut out of the Extended Cut or replaced by alternate footage.

Esme asks Rosalie to get some food for Jacob from the kitchen. Jacob thankfully declines the offer since he wouldn’t want to eat food which “Blondie” had spit on. Esme says that she wouldn’t do such a thing. Rosalie gets up and goes into the kitchen. Jacob asks Edward to warn them in case she wants to poison him. Rosalie opens dishwasher and gets a bowl out of it. We can hear that she prepares some food. She comes back to the living room and puts a bowl with a hot dog for Jacob on the floor. She leaves the room, Jacob takes a bite and then throws the bowl against Rosalie’s head. While Emmet and Edward laugh, Rosalie doesn’t seem to be as joyful as them. Angrily, she leaves the room.
108.2 sec

Extended Cut: 1:22:30 minutes
Jacob gets up and leaves.
5.1 sec

Extended Cut: 1:22:54 minutes
Jacob is standing on the balcony and is suddenly joined by Alice. Jacob is surprised and unsettled when alice stands next to him. She tells him that for her, standing next to him is like having closed her eyes (except for the smell of dogs). Jaob ironically responds that he’s glad to be able to help someone.
49.2 sec

Extended Cut: 1:41:37 minutes
Edward wants to fight the werewolfs with the help of Alice and Jesper. In order to keep Jacob out of the battle, Edward breaks his arm and throws him against the wall. This is probably because Jacob was imprinted on Renesmee. Edward wants Rosalie to protect his daughter. Then he leaves with his siblings.
24.1 sec

Extended Cut: 1:43:19 minutes (6.6 sec)/ Theatrical Version:1:36:27 minutes (3.4 sec)
In the Extended Cut, Jacob resets his arm. In the Theatrical Version we instead see some more footage of the Cullens fighting the werewolfs.
+ 3.2 sec

Extended Cut: 1:43:26 minutes
When Jacob comes out of the house, the scene is a little longer.
0.6 sec



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