New tweet about The Rover

 Matt Connelly (@PunishmentA) tweeted @Byron_Mann Worked on The Rover last week with Robert Pattison and Guy Pearce. Just as an extra as a soldier but it was fun :)”

When fans asked him more he added

@annsykrna Yes, he seems like a nice guy, I didn’t get a chance to talk as he was filming scenes, but I spoke to Guy Pearce and he was nice.

@Pattinson_AW Yep, it was a lot of fun, Rob seems like a nice guy also.

@AllisSilv55 I’m sure he will have a great career and you might get a chance to meet him one day 🙂

@blondemel47 Thanks, it was fun, was lucky enough to be on set for 3 days.

@lhaynic03 He seems like a nice guy. Enjoy the movie.


According to his tweets next he’ll be doing a soldier role in Henchmen 4 Hire and playing Jim in Vital Signs

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