The Host promo tour stops

Lots of new dates have been announced for The Host promo tour!

Feb 18 evening, Miami – Pre-screening + Q&A     Tickets

Feb 19 – Miami, FL at Books and Books

Feb 20 – Atlanta, GA

Feb 20 evening, DC – Pre-screening + Q&A    Tickets

Feb 21 – Washington D.C. at Politics and Prose

Feb 21 evening, Philly – pre-screening + Q&A      Tickets

Feb 22 – Philadelphia, PA at Free Library of Phil.

Mar 1st-6th – Europe

Mar 8 – Minneapolis, MN

Mar 9 – Chicago, I

Mar 11 – Naperville, IL at Anderson’s

Mar 12 – Dallas, TX at Lincoln Park Barnes & Noble

Mar 13 – San Francisco, CA

Mar 15 – Los Angeles, CA at The Grove Barnes & Noble

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