New ‘Hold on to me’ news

According to Hollywood life, in Hold on to me Rob will play a drug dealer and most of his scenes will be in water kissing Nancy (played by  Carey Mulligan)

The article said:

Based on a true story, Hold On To Me follows a dangerously seductive woman who, with her boyfriend, kidnaps the town’s richest man and holds him for ransom. They bury him in a box and, as you could imagine, things go horribly wrong. Rob plays a supporting role in the film, the woman’s longtime life love, Jimmy. He isn’t involved in the crime, but is involved in his own interesting situations.

One such situation? Jimmy sells drugs — namely, cocaine! spoke EXCLUSIVELY with someone who is close to Brad Ingelsby‘s script, learning, “He plays an amazingly attractive guy who is a very cool cat, and he is also a top level drug dealer!”…

Read what else we know about the movie here

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