Rob on ‘Heartthrob movies to look out for in 2013’

Rob was on OMG Yahoo‘s list of Heartthrob movies to look out for in 2013.

They said

Robert Pattinson

With an impressive turn in David Cronenberg’s head-scratcher ‘Cosmopolis,’ Robert Pattinson has already begun to successfully distance himself from the ‘Twilight’ franchise that turned him into a Hollywood A-lister. But the former leader of Team Edward certainly isn’t done yet, appearing in an incredible five movies this year alone. First up there’s ‘The Rover,’ which has been described as ‘a serious take on Dude, Where’s My Car;’ then ‘Mission: Blacklist’ where he plays Eric Maddox, the real-life war hero who masterminded Saddam Hussein’s capture; and then ‘Queen Of The Desert,’ Werner Herzog’s biopic of writer/spy Gertrude Bell. Those who still haven’t had enough of a Pattinson fix can then see him join Cronenberg again for the satirical ‘Maps To The Stars’ and watch him in James Marsh’s noirish thriller, ‘Hold On To Me.’

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