19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Last night Peter Facinelli and Vitalie Taittinger opened the red carpet at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Pete was there for playing Dr. Fitch Cooper on Nurse Jackie, back in 2005 he received his first SAG nomination for the TV show Six feet under.

As people arrived Pete told E! Online

“I was going to college at the time,” he explained, “and I got a Law And Order job, a guest-starring role. I took it and I had to take time off school, and I never went back. So, I ended up like leaving school fifteen credits shy. I didn’t get my college degree, but I did get my SAG card. And I ran into [producer] Dick Wolf at the SAG Awards when we were nominated for Best Ensemble for Six Feet Under, and I said ‘I didn’t get my diploma because of you, but I got my SAG card because of you so it was a good trade.'”


Also The Rover co-star, Scoot McNairy won Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture for Argo

Pete has Gallows Hill in post-production, Freezer in pre-production and has said he will be in The Absinthe Drinkers

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