Breaking Dawn DVD info

Breaking dawn part 2 DVD is apparently set for February 16th in the U.S for $29.99. Add it to your Target watch list here

And there is a rumor for 11th March in the U.K, possibaly for only £10

featured image bd dvdcoming soon

So far we only know a little bit about the extras, a while ago Bill has dropped some info in various interviews

On Bella’s training

one scene with Bella [Kristen Stewart] training, which seemed to be redundant so we took it out, but it’s very cool you know? … it’s just Bella trying to become a badass fighter and failing at it … the only reason I really miss it is there’s this roundhouse kick at the end that [Robert Pattinson] taught her how to do

On Garrett’s Speech

I know fans of the novel are going to be disappointed in this, but Garrett has a big speech on the field, during which the mist comes at him and Bella stops it. It was great to do, and Lee Pace was amazing, but we spent almost a half hour on that field and to spend another five minutes doing something that was a kind of repeat of what she’d already done with Jane’s pain … That was a shame, that was cut

According to Elizabeth Reaser a scene with her, Michael Sheen and Omar Metwally was filmed and cut

It was a gorgeous scene, I was really overwhelmed by how powerful, great actors they are. It was so great to have them in the movie.


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