To go with Rob’s last spotting in NY on December 18th today  lucky fans meet Rob still in NY Walking out Waldorf. It is rumored that he is filming the Dior campaign

Fans tweeted

@shailacrazyat 11:45pm “I Just met robert pattison”

@AlliHeathe “he was filming a commercial today around the block from where I work! :)”

Rob laughing at me as I jumped up & down out of excitement was the best AND he went to me first!! & then he came back & handed me my sharpie”

“But I finally met Rob Pattinson. What is life?”

“Lol at Rob signing my picture upside down”

@_iLovePattinson: He was like, how did you guys know where I was? And i said Rob we always know lmfao

@CSI_Robsten “loll 😀 Nobody asked him what he was actually doing, right?”

@AllisSilv55 @robstens_ruby they told me it was a French commercial so I think so

@NW4RPatz he was incredible and so sweet. Nick was trying to get him to go but he said he wanted to come to our side 🙂

fan videos

Don’t forget to check out our spotted map


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