Breaking dawn 5th ’10 Top-Searched Movies on Yahoo! in 2012′

Following Yahoo! announcing Kristen is 6th as Top searched for female clebrites, Rob as 2nd searched for male clebs, top searched for celebrity couples who broke and E! naming Robsten’s dog Bear as 2nd most searched Celebrity Pet of the Year, Yahoo!  has now reviled that Breaking dawn part 2 and Snow white and the huntsman are on 10 Top-Searched Movies on Yahoo! in 2012. BDp2 came in at number 5 and SWATH at 8th.

The site wasn’t very nice about ether the movies or Kristen’s scandle but here’s what they had to say:

5. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” Would fickle teen girls and their moms grow out of their adoration for the glittering vampire series? Did Kristen Stewart’s fling with a married man (and from another movie, no less) not only end her real-life romance with Robert Pattinson, but also besmirch her allure among the faithful? We’re kidding, right? The last standoff between covens had the fourth biggest opening in 2012, doubtless backed by the fiery teen + mom following conducting those Searches all year long: Of all the films in this list, “Twilight” had the biggest proportion of female teens, just barely surpassing “The Hunger Games.” Its tremendous opening weekend — with per-screen revenue even higher than “Skyfall” — will likely push the romance-fantasy past “Brave” into the top five box-office earners.

8. “Snow White and the Huntsman.” The gamble was big: Snow White as a warrior with dwarf henchmen. Still, with the rebirth of the female action heroine, the title alone promised a fairy tale for our times. (A working-class woodsman over a prince? Wait, isn’t that Thor?) Not only was Charlize Theron delectably cast as the wicked stepmother, but it was also daring just to have Kristen Stewart (with Thor!) in a big-screen blockbuster released just months before her “Twilight” bow-out. An earlier Snow White movie — “Mirror, Mirror” dubbed a humorless comedy — may have actually improved the buzz for this one. Of the movies on this list, this film actually had the closest gender Search parity: a 58% female/42% male split. Despite a mixed critical reaction, “Snow White” did fairly well as the 13th-highest grosser — especially considering the scandal that broke midway through its theatrical run: star Stewart caught in flagrante delicto with director Rupert Sanders, a married man and father of two.

Check out the rest of the list here
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