Kellan’s new movie

Wondering what Kellan Lutz will be doing now Twilight is over? Wonder no more. Kellan signed signed up for Tatua based on an original concept by comic book creators Paul Jenkins and Rob Prior. Aaron Sims is said to make his directing debut with Paul Layden writing the script. Plot summary: A man with a rare blood type that allows him to be tattooed with a powerful ink. He is able to pull those weapons straight off his skin, giving him an enviable leg up as a covert assassin.

Schwartz said

Kellan was in the foreground and the background of the Twilight Saga films, but he is a formidable physical presence and this is an opportunity for him to step up. Also helpful is that Lutz looks good without a shirt, which will be part of the bargain as he strips tattoos off his body to create mayhem. Tatua at its heart is a cool, visually arresting origin story

No word yet when the film is said as to when filming will start


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